Prince Harry condemns report that said he warned Prince Charles about secret pedophile

Prince Harry has denounced a media report suggesting that his grandfather Prince Charles may have had a friendship with an alleged pedophile.

In an article published on The Huffington Post on Thursday, the publication noted that in an exclusive interview with a former employee of Prince Charles’ security team, Prince Harry “was asked about the theft of a set of keys from the security room of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and revealed that he was also told by his father, Prince Charles, ‘that two royals had access to powerful undercover equipment for which they shouldn’t have.’”

As The Huffington Post reported, it was reported in 2016 that security systems at the Queen’s residence St. James’s Palace, Prince Charles’ and Camilla’s official residence, were infiltrated with software designed to steal encrypted information. The reported software, known as “Decipher,” allowed the intruder to direct security cameras directly to Camilla, while concealing his or her identity.

Prince Harry said he “lost his shit” and cried after learning of the scandal in a meeting between Camilla and Prince Charles. He then asked his father: “Why the f*** did you not act on it? You’ve been sat there knowing for years that your security were being put at risk and being exposed.”

Prince Harry also said he learned the Duchy of Cornwall, Charles’ and his mother’s land and business holdings, had been “gifted” computer equipment to allow it to conduct internal surveillance.

“The software program from which the royal security team were being spied on took a photo every 15 seconds and was tampered with by people who knew about the royal guards and were in possession of key combinations,” Prince Harry wrote. “My father told me the whole thing was a ‘hoax’ made by the press. He said the law hadn’t been broken and there was ‘no evidence at all.’”

Many people in the royal family, including the queen, have been called “less than trustworthy,” and Prince Harry said that he was “shocked by the allegations” about his father, but that he accepted that some publications may have already covered it, and that his father couldn’t be held responsible for the actions of the people he employed.

“I felt that the only reasonable conclusion to reach would be that this was an attempt to embarrass, and they may have,” Prince Harry said. “These guys, when they know what they’re doing and it’s not against the law, that’s what they do. They don’t really give a stuff about the law or safety or privacy.”

In his January interview with the publisher, Prince Harry also refuted reports that he asked to sever relations with American media outlets, claiming he only asked for the right to delete his image from their websites.

“They go on about how I’m cutting all ties with the U.S. media,” Prince Harry said. “I never have and never will.”

In response to a question about the Daily Mail newspaper’s public rebuke of his decision to speak up about an addiction, Prince Harry acknowledged that he was dealing with depression, but blamed the press for manipulating that into a negative image.

“At times I have felt treated unfairly,” Prince Harry said. “The story I did on Harry about his struggle with alcohol, for example, was taken out of context and I was made to feel like I was the cause of the problem, rather than the victim of it.”

“The Daily Mail took me off its front page the day after that interview,” Prince Harry continued. “So their story wasn’t so sensational after all.”

Read the full article from The Huffington Post.


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