Airline reports on passengers from affected region in C.D.C. report

C.D.C., the global institution for international cooperation and capacity-building on transportation, security and disaster risk reduction, is urging the airlines to include the reports of passengers from the affected region on their passenger manifest, leaving it at the airline’s discretion to forward the reports to the destination country on inbound or outbound flights.

For this to be implemented, airlines need to send this information to one of C.D.C.’s 10 Operational Management Units which monitors and responds to incidents on aviation security and disaster risk reduction. One of C.D.C.’s Operational Management Units for the EU, North America, Middle East and Africa (NASCAR) Region is based in Brussels, Belgium and is tasked with coordinating C.D.C. responses to disasters.

C.D.C’s report brings to light the frightening data which countries have gained through their passenger profiling system (PPS), which tracks all passengers from Africa and the Sahel, and is used by some airlines as a security tool.

These PPS units do not report the information that C.D.C. is requesting.

For more information on the data collected and threats and vulnerabilities identified with the onboard PPS unit, here is C.D.C.’s November 2018 publication in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and its use by the EU, North America, Middle East and Africa (NASCAR) Region.

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