SPOILER: Here’s the BEST Product Placement of 2018

If your attention recently turned to the trailer for Armie Hammer’s serial killer film, Suspiria, there’s a good chance you were intrigued by the movie’s Ralph Lauren tuxedo. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for its release to get a sneak peek at the star’s look. By now, you might already know that Hammer, 30, got the contract to wear the house’s trademark red double-breasted pinstripes. If not, here’s a reminder.

AIB Got Talent winner Rick Astley might well become the first person to simultaneously feature in two of 2018’s best-selling watch ads. The 47-year-old — whose smash hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” reached number two on the U.K. singles chart in 1988 — hasn’t been asked to hawk anything as old-fashioned as a reindeer necktie in 25 years. Nevertheless, AGG will be the singer’s first appearance in a retail campaign for a Swiss watch brand, but with a twist. As a qualifier to the endorsement (AGG WIS), Astley is personally commissioned to reform the U.K. classic version of the Time Zone, originally produced in 1899. The limited edition Time Zone reissue collection was launched last year, which included the matching 24 carat gold Time Zone Signature bracelet.

If you’re still looking for serious timepiece options this holiday season, perhaps you’ll take heart from GG Davidson’s purchase of a suave 2018 titanium Swiss Bulova. When the filmmaker — who is in Toronto to premiere his film Sing Street — says “I’m doing the time zone,” you can be sure he won’t be breaking time. To reenact scenes from his upcoming Raging Bull, Davidson will be sporting a 4 carat 46 caliber Bulova PMC watch. He will travel with his timepiece in a handmade “The Station,” a custom black leather pouch specially crafted to contain all his jewelry.

At least 19 potential Hall H attendees with the requisite eye-candy (and earcups!) could certainly use a watch to make a proper case for their annual meeting. Has a musical cast ever been so good with out-cuering?

From horror film to drama, unscripted confessionals to factual documentaries, 2018’s edition of TIFF International looks particularly watchworthy — with so many good options to choose from, our top picks are listed in order of preference. Check back throughout the week for updates.

Image: Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images/Magnet Releasing

Agnieszka Holland’s Trapped (10/2) is a tense, drama-documentary about a German couple in search of their daughters after the war who are targeted for abduction by men with dangerous motives. It was actually shot from a cinephile perspective.

Antonio Campos’, The Flower Girl (10/9) has Jesse Eisenberg playing a lonely man who meets a beautiful but disturbed therapist in the aftermath of a domestic violence incident. Ultimately they discover the essence of their own relationship.

For the dedicated-female-investigator of our dreams, Italian helmer Daniele Luchetti presents Mafiaster, an assassination as–if–—Die Hard. The film centers on a reformed mobster (Edgar Ramirez) who tries to track down the killer of his son.

The forthcoming Leatherface, a movie adaptation of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has gotten more than enough red-band hype to last you through most Halloween parties. Get a front row seat by purchasing (and watching!) the trailer here, which launched on October 1.

Films that premiered at Toronto include The Tale, a provocative documentary about author Jennifer Fox, whose long time affair with television screens was falsely exposed by her husband.

Twelve Hours, starring Morgan Freeman as a corporate CEO who mysteriously finds himself face-to-face with terrorists, premiered at Venice. It’s a more meat-and-potatoes directorial effort for Ben Affleck’s brother.

Farewell John Deere, the film about an out-of-work animal trainer, was awarded Best First Feature at this year’s Toronto festival. Its winning director, Milos Forman, shot the 1984 feature One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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