Automatically clean your home in 20 minutes or less — now through June 30

The industry leading experts in home cleaning come to the Washington Post. Let us explain in 20 minutes or less how to make perfect, simple, safe choices that can help you care for your clean, neat home in a fraction of the time it takes today. Click the video above to learn how to clean your TVs with eco-friendly products that kill germs and keep your little ones happily watching their favorite programming. (Photos above are courtesy of WeMo.)

The experts:

Justin von Tirino, CEO and co-founder of the wildly successful rental agency Shyp, is a New York Times Bestselling author. From May 2013 to June 2014, he was one of the U.S.’s top 100 individuals “banking on action.”

Narelle Ellen Vann, of Ewok Productions, has created “socially relevant content” through articles and videos.

David McCarthy is a tech entrepreneur and Emmy Award-winning consumer journalist.

Therum Clerka has worked as a professional television and film makeup artist for over 20 years. She currently works as an Image Consultant for Charmin® all natural wipes.

Garnier BareMinerals Cosmetic Supervisor Emma Guinnevere has worked with the brand for over 12 years, has developed a wide body of work with the brand and spends her spare time volunteering with an organization called Free the Skin.

Beth Cotter works for an inspirational manufacturing consulting firm in Los Angeles. She shares her aspirations of working for the Food Network and being a voice for health and home care.

Dorie Warren, of Cornell University. Warren is a professor of human ecology and environmental studies, in a Cornell Center for the Environment at Cornell University. Warren holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Human Ecology.

David Hovenstrom is a clean energy expert who has worked in the space for 15 years. He is the founder of and the author of the upcoming book, Clean Energy: A Complete Guide to Efficient Home Energy Projects.

George Beer is a TED speaker and has founded Clean Energy Angels, a San Francisco-based crowdfunding platform for clean energy startups.

Andrew Rehnmayer is an award-winning fashion, art and beauty historian and the author of Pictures of Dirt.

Vina is a social media expert, a global human rights activist and a director for Corris Holdings, a global pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Ben Pasternack, co-founder of WeMo was the creator of the insanely popular WeMo outlet system. He is a life-long inventor and entrepreneur.

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