Meet Cardi B’s weekend in Miami, from nightclub appearances to a party that was closed down

Cardi B had quite a presence at Art Basel weekend.

The rapper and entourage of several hundred were escorted by federal agents as they made their way from their Miami hotel to a VIP spot, The Standard. The insider inside the Standard told W magazine that as the group wound their way through crowds of concertgoers, security guards were very strict about letting celebrities inside. But once inside, the rapper was on her own, flaunting the enormous hand-drawn sign she designed and displaying it on the ledge of the VIP room (where she was thrown back and then led through an entrance to the “sound booth” to perform some songs).

When they arrived at Miami Beach nightclub Art Basel House , the entourage was booed off the property. But Cardi and her friends stayed, hosting a small afterparty at the pool, a party insider said. B-roll images provided by W show a bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne, along with large (i.e. fake) sunglasses, to protect their star power.

At the Provence restaurant on Sunday night, Cardi B played host to a celebratory dinner before her performance at the Miami Beach club SHANK , where she performed a series of hits for the thousands of fans on the dance floor. Pictures on social media of the elaborate star-studded dinner party show a white stretch limo and a Ferrari in the background, as well as beautiful photos from the crowd looking on.

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