Republican lawmaker calls out Democrats for ‘accused cop killer’ question

During testimony the other day, Democrats accused House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy of presiding over an “accused cop killer” in Rep. Mark Meadows.

Meadows, R-N.C., denied CNN’s Ali Velshi that he has been lobbying Congress for his congressional protection despite serving in an elected post.

“I’ve never called people out here to withhold support,” Meadows told Velshi, a CNN commentator.

“My position isn’t that I call people out, but certainly I’m being hard on Trey Gowdy and his investigation because we are the ones that are fighting for transparency.

“And there’s no surprise he’s also leading the charge against us. So people should expect the standard congressional treatment: not letting you plead the fifth and run away from questioning.”

As for the accusation of Meadows — acquitted in his 2008 indictment on charges of assaulting an officer — lying about it, he added: “The proper course of action is to continue to keep the record straight and the facts in front of the American people.”

Democratic Oversight Committee members have vowed to conduct hearings if Meadows fails to appear to defend himself.

By Donie O’Sullivan

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