Brampton mayor: No charges for claims against city employees

The investigation into allegations of sexual assault against three Brampton city employees has found insufficient evidence for charges and advised the Ontario Provincial Police to discontinue their investigation, Mayor John Helvig said Friday.

A city employee said she was assaulted in July and made a police report. She has not spoken to CNN since the investigation began.

Helvig said police launched the investigation after another employee reported an incident in November of last year that she said occurred while she was inside a city building after hours, CBC News reported.

One of the men, John Hubert Ashton, denies the allegations, ABC News reported.

The investigation concluded that there was no evidence to support the allegations of sexual assault, sexual interference or sexual exploitation against any of the three employees, Helvig said.

“The conclusion that we draw is that the individuals that were the target of this allegation, for whatever reason, made some allegations at some point in time and they did not have any evidence to back them up,” Helvig said at a news conference.

“And we are right to say the truth has triumphed, right to say that these three individuals have been vindicated by this report.”

City director criticizes probe

But city director Amanda Juneau said in a separate statement that the investigation is insufficient.

She said her office remains in the process of determining the allegations against the three employees and is committed to providing a safe workplace, CBC News reported.

Juneau said she would not be made available for interviews.

Brampton is the fifth largest city in Canada.

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