Brother of ex-Trump aide Flynn tells of money he received

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Scottie Alexander Flynn told reporters that Michael Flynn was his brother

The former acting US national security adviser Michael Flynn’s younger brother has told reporters that he lied to Congress about money he made from the Trump administration.

A committee aide later told BBC World Service it was the first time they had heard of the testimony.

In the interview with reporters in Washington, Scottie Flynn also told how Mr Flynn lived with her until his early 30s.

Mr Flynn was sacked after discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the US before Donald Trump took office.

Powers before or after a formal government role, including contractors, are subject to congressional audits.

Last month, reports said he had failed to disclose his earnings and payments from Russian-owned media group RT.

One report said Mr Flynn had collected $45,000 for giving a speech at RT’s banquet before the US presidential election, despite having written to congress promising not to take money from foreign organisations.

RT has strongly denied Mr Flynn made the payment to any of its employees, as claims it paid him from a US account have come to light.

It has also said it had a contract with US congressional representatives at a time when most foreign nationals did not receive contributions from the Russian media group.

Mr Flynn retired as a military officer in 2014 after more than 30 years in the army.

In July this year, he was forced to step down as national security adviser.

Flynn’s lawyer said he had submitted a request for immunity for himself and other individuals in exchange for “full and complete cooperation” with the FBI.

Mr Flynn was interviewed by federal agents in early December and was found to have misled them about discussions he had with the Russian ambassador in December about US sanctions on Russia.

He also reportedly discussed ways that the Trump administration could pressure the Obama administration not to expel Russian diplomats and intelligence agents who were being investigated for their links to the Russian state.

Mr Flynn had previously denied that he had done anything inappropriate or illegal, and said he could have secured a pardon from the then President-elect Trump to shield him from legal action.

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