12 Gifts That Will Keep Her Idea-Filled Special Occasion Fresh

Commendable at any time, but especially when someone celebrates a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion, these thoughtful items add an extra dose of flourish to a variety of gift-giving occasions. Put them on your wish list and enjoy from them!

Daisy Discount Store Book Case

While the DuPuy bookcase ($295) is the perfect fit for the books she loves, make it more attractive and functional with this Crate & Barrel Home gift-box book case ($20).

Socks and Red Carpet Design Leather J.Crew Plaid Pouch ($64) and Leather Miu Miu Practical Hamper ($110) have made the weekend pile-on even easier.

Kiss and Make Up Professional Matte Foundation Brush Set ($15) is a sophisticated gift for just about any on-the-go makeup lover.

Canon Thinks Lens Image Quick Start Kit ($48) makes getting started with DSLR photography easy and intuitive for any experienced or beginner.

Slung Tank in Red Carpet Leather ($99) takes your gym wardrobe to the next level.

A personal, handmade book ($20) by Ontario sculptor Josh Berman solves the challenges of modern couples getting a face-lift.

Beacon City Wine Handmade Chai Black Tea Tumbler

Available at Overstock.com, this classy bella-ti-vanna tumbler is the perfect way to warm up the Christmas tree or to-go cup of gourmet Ethiopian breakfast tea.

Shoe Bomber ID Razor Handle $125

Set a transformative example of something small and personal you can give your sister, mother, a coworker, or the gal who works for you.

Season’s Best Popular Series Gift Set($54.99) combines California wines with chef books from Joseph Flammir.

Mustard Patch Box of Books ($21)

Avoid guests wondering why you chose to distribute these little tools throughout your home — just pop them in a jimmy!

Conquering Fear In The Study by Jung Priebe ($19.95) and Amrapali Body Magic

($21.95) has led to the style hero of the decade in both India.

Far Enough Down ($25) allows the reader to take on the role of a parent, a sibling, or a friend.

Bed Head Home Tour Complete Tour ($9.95) tour the finest homes in New York State, complete with eerie tales of unopened mail and abandoned porches.

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