Cholera pandemic survivor No Name asks ‘Would I like to have my foot shot? No. Would I like my thigh shot? No.’

A man born in Italy tried to get vaccinated against the cholera virus in the northern Italian city of Lecce, standing in line for more than 90 minutes only to discover that one of the real arm parties didn’t want to inject him.

Unhappy with the MATCH vaccination solution offered by a public hospital, the poor man filed a complaint. Although a judge threw out the claim and the man’s case was then closed, the case was still noted by some unscrupulous e-waste suppliers who advertised on online marketplaces that the Vaccines One collected in Lecce were falsified. The company that originally bought the vaccine from the public hospital after the man’s complaint claimed they no longer sell the vaccines, and have threatened people seeking to purchase them with legal action if they don’t tell the truth.

So, you’re one of the few people who survived the cholera pandemic that struck South America and the Caribbean in 1972, but the medical profession seems to think you don’t actually have immunity to the infection, and yet you’re making frequent trips to the hospitals you had once survived to get vaccinated.

Crazy but true. Now ask yourself: if people like that suspect your vaccination, how in the world are we supposed to trust the governments of countries like Japan and the USA to administer an accurate and completely free immunization?

Sources: This is how one gets vaccinated in this country, BBC News. Ha ha ha. You make fun of #Cholera but no one in #Yemen has peace!

Pogo X13001: This is why you don’t get vaccinated. Those with inside connections in this country try to guarantee vaccine safety.

Careful with your meme. No one will ever make fun of you.

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