Ever wondered what Nick Fury’s methods would be like in the military?

Cognoid Limited is releasing another novel today: Omicron: The Delicate Victory. It follows the adventures of Royal Marine commando Nathan Smith and his squadron at the scene of a mysterious explosion in the Middle East that has assumed the form of a giant lollipop.

While spoiler free, I will tell you about some of the plot points that have me not only intrigued, but a little worried that I have lost my edge.

Nathan is very, very good at killing enemies. He has killed and incinerated most of his unit from combat, including one young, beautiful recruit in Afghanistan. The only thing the marines hate more than being shot is getting shot by someone they know.

Nathan is also a by-the-book jock. He is in great shape, speaks with a high pitched voice and considers himself the alpha dog of the team. His bark is usually just as loud as his bite and the marines fear him more than they fear their enemy.

Nathan’s motivation for going to the Middle East was simple: It was an opportunity to kill or get killed. His platoon-mate Ross would have been satisfied with either, especially if he got to shred his face off while doing it. He talks about his enemy in the series as if he were Spider-Man running from robots.

On the other hand, some of his own Marines are a bit more complicated. What followed the initial explosion was a different narrative than I expected, which is a good thing in a series.

But I’m gonna let Nathan and his squad do the talking, starting with Luke. That’s pretty good reason to buy the book.


“Getting killed might not be appealing, but getting shot is dangerous, especially when the shooter is with the enemy. If you put two animal brains together, you are bound to create an animal, and you can do that pretty much any time you want,” Luke said.

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