Keanu Reeves is back and he still can’t stop hitting the button

Most actors can only dream of being able to shoot a gun with their eyes closed, but that is exactly what Keanu Reeves pulled off in the new trailer for “The Matrix.” The continuation of the Matrix saga, “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions,” came out in 2003 and 2003 and show Reeves still knows how to hit the right button in a straight line.

There is a surprise twist in the new trailer, however: in the first part of “The Matrix Reloaded,” we see that Neo, the character at the beginning of the trilogy, wasn’t actually the character we knew from the first movie. The trailer shows a new character with the same red hair as Neo from the first movie. And when Neo wakes up to find himself in battle, he finds himself in front of a screen where he says something like “Is this it?”

In what appears to be the end of the trilogy, Neo goes through a full transformation into Trinity. This character (“Cassandra”, apparently) represents the hope that the Neo (“Keanu”) dreams of, and she seemingly finds the answers to the Machine mess they’ve gotten themselves into. Will he realize his dreams before the battle in battle?

This video has been rated R for language including strong sexual references and strong violence

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