The U.S. EPA is threatening fines for pork farmers who don’t vaccinate their pigs against deadly PEDv virus

The deadline for farmers to start vaccinating their animals against the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, or PEDv, is Jan. 15. According to the CDC, up to a half million pigs have died from the highly contagious disease, which is transmitted by pig feces and swine droppings. The US Department of Agriculture has said it will impose a $300,000 fine for each day they fail to comply with the order.

Fellow country vehicle manufacturer Volvo began offering farmers incentives to vaccinate their animals on its website on Tuesday, offering a $1,000 reward to those who vaccinate pregnant pigs against the disease, and $5,000 to those who vaccinate sows.

During periods of elevated PEDv activity, farmers have typically found that the disease has spread from pups to sows and piglets. To stem the virus, US veterinarians have recommended vaccination. Despite this advice, it is believed to be one of the reasons that the disease was able to spread so quickly in 2017. Vaccination rates for the virus have since improved, and since PEDv is typically spread between piglets at birth and death of susceptible pregnant pigs, a safe and effective vaccine has been found for pregnant pigs.

One company, Deutschland Food Industries, released a vaccination product targeting pregnant pigs that costs $10 a dose, and according to Reuters is expected to secure over half of the market with its $5,000 reward. Deutschland said in a statement that it would be one of the few companies offering incentive to workers on “intensive pig farms,” where such workers are common.

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