What Is Storage Really About? A Countdown to Fear of Storage

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get the car into Los Angeles for my daughter’s eighth birthday party. Our theme: Fear of Storage. Apparently, storage is becoming as big an event as the beach club, which reminds me of why we should stop spending so much money on storage. There is actually a handy guide with reference dates for local storage facilities online here. (You can use the database on a free-for-all iPhone app.)

I’m really excited that my daughter’s eighth birthday party is turning out to be less of a storage thing than a shopping thing. Where we are now — my friend having spent the weekend poring over data-intensive chic clothes her daughter asked for — is close to 60 percent off what we paid for the first 10 years of her life, when she wore mostly puffer coats and some Doc Martens.

So, perhaps — just perhaps — the housing crisis is to thank for this sea change in our homes. Maybe fear of storage is a wake-up call to bargain-hunting families just tuning in, around this time of year. To learn more about the experience of planning a storage warehouse party here, check out the recent installments in our “Nearer, My Dear” series.

Also, check out The Bottom Line’s article on the subject of leasing storage space to make room for the things we want.

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