Elizabeth Holmes returns to the stand for “20/20” – “Elizabeth Holmes Revealed”

CNN’s “20/20” First to Broadcast Interview on the Future of Healthcare.

Elizabeth Holmes Returns to the Stand on Tuesday. Elizabeth Holmes returns to the stand to answer allegations that she stole a promising cancer drug from an MIT researcher and used it to build a massive biotechnology business and, eventually, to run an unlicensed, unsanctioned lab and ongoingsignal fraud. But beyond outright theft, what, if anything, did Elizabeth Holmes or Theranos do that may have moved Theranos’ claims to the other side of legitimacy?

Nancy Grace airs a special two-hour episode of “20/20” Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. “Elizabeth Holmes Revealed” chronicles Elizabeth Holmes’ journey from happy student to passionate mother to controversial venture capitalist and her attempts to rebuild her image. CNN’s Chief Legal Correspondent, Susan Filan, is also on the case, covering this revelation and more through a mixture of interviews with Holmes’ friends and family, and the moments when Elizabeth Holmes considers how to move past this dark time in her life. This week is a night you won’t want to miss on “20/20.”

The special also features interviews with Elizabeth Holmes from CBS “60 Minutes” and “60 Minutes Sports,” with new interviews from Americans, England, Israel, the University of California, Berkeley and The Journalist and Her Story.

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To see what’s in store for Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, watch 25+ seconds from Wednesday’s episode:

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