Netflix on Canada Day: The Premieres of 11 October (and What’s Coming in November)

Netflix is a streaming mecca for fans of anything unusual or non-stop entertainment. From Woody Allen films to South Park specials to Charlize Theron’s best vampire parts, everything that makes “the big four” — USA, Canada, UK and Ireland — tick is aNetflix nation.

On Wednesday, the service threw out a few more goodies for Canadians by adding a new “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” special and another show that sounds like it’s completely different from everything else: “Fuller House.” However, those standouts don’t completely overshadow the previously announced major ones coming in October:

11/9: Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax” on Netflix

Adult genre or not, this holiday classic is one of the most beloved gifts on the planet, even if it’s stuffed with heavy-handed environmental messages and rousing live-action musical numbers.

11/30: Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” season 6

After calling it quits for four seasons, Tim Allen’s long-running family sitcom is making a return to Netflix, hitting theaters in a big way for a quick run before the small screen.

11/30: “Kill Switch” on Netflix

When it comes to action/supernatural stories, there aren’t many dramas as downright uplifting as the original “Deadpool” film. This new dark thriller tells the tale of two high school girls coerced into killing their friends, but things go awry after one of them begins noticing strange markings and signs.

11/30: “The Greatest Showman” on Netflix

Great art mirrors its time and this nostalgia-tinged musical features Hugh Jackman in the title role as the real-life circus clown James “Lloyd” Deland, who sparks a bizarre story about being lost in the circus in the 1930s. Hugh Jackman also produced.

12/2: “BoJack Horseman” Season 4 on Netflix

Ten years after the last “BoJack Horseman” season, this surreal Netflix satire starring Will Arnett returns with a new (and equally surreal) opening sequence in which characters ask, “Will there be a new beginning?”

12/2: “The Purge” Season 4 on Netflix

Universal Television and Blumhouse Television’s alternate world on a night that comes with a slew of lawless murders and a vague time limit.

12/3: “The Phantom Tollbooth” Season 2 on Netflix

Do you ever feel like mice with more personality than humans? It can be depressing to live the life of a mouse because you know that sooner or later a funny looking young mouse (or fellow rodent) will walk by you at some point. But what if there was someone who could transform you into something grander and more interesting? There is. The best. And funnier. Unforgettable. Artistic. And downright inspiring.

12/3: “The Tester” Season 1 on Netflix

“Fuller House” executive producer Bob Boyett delivers a brand new series based on his true-life life in the 1980s, when his plan to become a world-class sailor fell victim to fate and illness.

12/3: “Bless The Harts” Season 2 on Netflix

A sophomore season for a very Canadian sitcom.

1/7: “Godless” Season 1 on Netflix

Stephen King’s (“It”) latest novella, which is the centerpiece of this Western crime series, inspired a monster cult hit at the start of the ’80s.

1/7: “Queens of Drama” Season 1 on Netflix

This Netflix mockumentary series was set in Toronto’s Greendale (better known to its locals as “Queen’s Park”) Police Department’s Counter-Terrorism Unit, and stars the funny names of James Cromwell, Andrea Martin, Andrea Martin,

“Schitt’s Creek” star Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

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