What happened at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony?

Lu Wei

Chinese Foreign Minister in an extraordinary interview with Radio Free Asia

Lu Wei: “The banning of the Olympics in China would, of course, have a tremendous economic and social impact on all of us. China has no interest whatsoever in imposing sanctions on other countries, on UN Security Council.” Radio Free Asia has more…

“Before addressing their concerns, I would like to point out a few things,” Lu Wei added, “Beijing is the most open society in the world, and we hold that everyone has the right to enjoy the benefits of globalization. But all countries still have a responsibility and obligation to uphold the international rules and the international system and international peace and stability.”

“On the other hand, China has always held the view that tensions should be avoided and disputes should be resolved through dialogue and consultation. Unfortunately, for the first time since 1949, there was no agreement on the opening ceremony. Therefore I ask you to please review your position and review your conduct.”

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