Retired Lt. General Stephen Townsend On The United States’ Motives In The Middle East

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As the US draws down military efforts in Syria the focus shifts to the humanitarian side of defeating ISIS. In recent weeks the U.S. has transferred nearly $1 billion to provide humanitarian assistance to the people in the Syrian area. The Trump administration has been reticent about providing the money in the Middle East, and much of it had already been pledged by other nations. Retired Lt. General Stephen Townsend, who served in the United States military for nearly 40 years, sat down with Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the United States’ motives.

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With U.S. military operations winding down in Syria Townsend said the humanitarian aspect of bringing stability to those who live in the region is why the U.S. is willing to spend more than $100 million to try and bring a sense of security to the region. He said the way forward is maintaining peace and stability, and making sure the people who live in the region feel safe in their homes. Townsend also noted that there has been a rise in instability between Syria and Iraq in recent months.

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